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Cretan Yachts



Agios Nikolaos Bali Chania Dia Elounda Heraklion Milatos Rethymno Sitia Αgia Pelagia

Crete is the largest island of Greece and the 5 th largest in the Mediterranean. The north side of Crete borders to the Aegean Sea and the south side to the Libyan Sea. Crete is an island of contrasts! Basically a mountainous island with peaks reaching 2.500 metres, with thousands of paths for the nature lovers ideal for walking, hiking and climbing, but, also, with golden-yellow beaches along its extensive coastline. It comprises 4 prefectures: Heraklio, Lasithi, Rethymno and Chania.

The great diversity of natural landscape Crete offers, ranging from the high mountains to the endless beaches, from the exotic palm tree groves to the fertile plains, make the island an attractive vacation destination. One of the main characteristics of the Cretan landscape is the plethora of gorges traversing the island. The most renowned for its size and beauty is the Samaria Gorge, known in Crete as Farangas, with a length of 18 km and a width ranging from 3m at its narrowest point up to 150m. It takes about 5-7 hours to walk through the Gorge!

In Crete one can enjoy the sea and the sun, either on busy cosmopolitan beaches or on more remote beaches offering a feeling of tranquillity and relaxation. The bright sunshine, the quite lacy coastline, the long picturesque pebbly or sandy beaches, the hillsides with the panoramic view, all make Crete unique in its landscape diversity and beauty.

The guided tours in the Minoan palaces, the walks on the Roman slab-paved roads, the visits to the Byzantine churches and the Venetian and Turkish castles introduce the visitor to the ancient history of the island.

Crete is famous for its tasty cuisine, based on virgin olive oil, as well as for the abundance of fruit, vegetables and stock farming products. Crete combines legend with history, cultural tradition with rich modern artistic happenings, the unique natural environment with the hospitality of its people and the modern tourist infrastructure.

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7 days routes

1.Heraklion - Αg. Pelagia 8 NM, Αg. Pelagia - Dia Island 9 NM, Dia Island - Elounda 36 NM, Elounda - Ag. Nikolaos 12 NM, Ag. Nikolaos - Sitia 22 NM, Sitia - Milatos 31 NM, Milatos - Heraklion 20 NM

2.Heraklion - Dia Island 6 NM, Dia Island - Bali 20 NM, Bali - Rethymnon 16 NM, Rethymnon - Chania 32 NM, Chania - Rethymnon 32 NM, Rethymnon - Ag. Pelagia 28 NM, Ag. Pelagia - Heraklion 8 NM


Ios Kea Kythnos Mykonos Naxos Paros Santorini Serifos Sifnos Syros

The Cyclades islands are situated in the Aegean Sea, South & East of Athens and the mainland of Greece. They are one of the island groups which constitute the Aegean archipelago. The name refers to the islands around Delos. With the exception of Naxos Island the majority of the others are hilly with bare vegetation. Famous for their barren landscapes, colourful bays, sandy beaches, white washed sugar cube shaped houses, blue roofed churches, they offer all sorts of amenities and activities.

The "Meltemi" wind blows mainly in July & August from the North at Force 5-6. Moderate to advanced sailing skills are required to sail the Cyclades islands since local winds can reach the force of 5-8 Beauforts and last several days. During this "rough" period in the nearby area, there are also intervals when you can sail in more relaxed conditions. During spring and autumn the wind mainly blows from the South. The climate is generally dry and mild and the average temperature in the Cyclades Islands is 25 to 26 °C (78,8F) and often 33 to 35 °C (95F). In a few words the Cyclades islands are the ideal place for those who seek adventurous boat holidays.

Although many people wish to sail the Cyclades islands in order to see the 2 famous islands of Mykonos & Santorini, there are other smaller islands, off the beaten track, which make the difference. The so-called small Cyclades group consists of several scattered islands such as the Koufonissia, Iraklia, Schinoussa as well as more, unknown but very attractive islands like Kimolos, Folegandros, Anafi and Sikinos. Therefore, if you seek a remote sailing paradise, the Cyclades islands have it all!

There are also countless places of interest such as the holy island of Delos, the windmills of Mykonos and the caldera of Santorini. The most imposing 1600 year-old church in the Cyclades and a "must-see" place in the Greek islands is the Church of Ekatontapliani ("Our Lady of a Hundred Doors"), in Parikia-Paros Island just 200 m from the port.

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7 days routes

1.Syros - Mykonos 23 ΝΜ, Mykonos - Paros 21 ΝΜ, Paros - Santorini 48 ΝΜ, Santorini - Ios 30 ΝΜ, Ios - Serifos 42 ΝΜ, Serifos - Syros 23 ΝΜ

2.Alimos Marina - Kea 40 NM, Kea - Syros 32 NM, Syros - Mykonos 25 NM, Mykonos - Paros 23 NM, Paros - Kythnos 46 NM, Kythnos - Alimos Marina 25 NM

3.Lavrion port - Kea 14 NM, Kea - Syros 32 NM, Syros - Paros 23 NM, Paros - Sifnos 30 NM, Sifnos - Kythnos 31 NM, Kythnos - Lavrion port 25 NM

4.Paros - Ios 26 NM, Ios - Santorini 25 NM, Santorini - Iraklia & Koufonissia Island 32 NM, Koufonissia Island - Naxos 20 NM, Naxos - Delos, Rinia & Mykonos 28 NM, Mykonos - Paros 10 NM

14 days routes

1.Syros - Mykonos 23 ΝΜ, Mykonos - Donousa 35 ΝΜ, Donousa - Katapola 17 ΝΜ, Αμοργός - Koufonisi 13 ΝΜ, Koufonisi - Schinousa 5 ΝΜ, Schinousa - Ios 18 ΝΜ, Ios - Santorini 25 ΝΜ, Santorini - Folegandros 35 ΝΜ, Folegandros - Milos 33 ΝΜ, Milos - Sifnos 22 ΝΜ, Sifnos - Serifos 12 ΝΜ, Serifos - Kythnos 20 ΝΜ, Kythnos - Syros 22 ΝΜ


Astypalea Halki Ikaria Kalymnos Kos Patmos Rhodes Samos Symi Tilos

Located at the South-Eastern end of Greece, the Dodecanese are a group of islands in the Aegean Sea. Although this area consists of 163 total islands and islets of which only 26 are inhabited, only twelve (Dodeca) of those are the major ones - giving the area its name. The barren landscape (Rhodos and Kos are excluded) along with the cultivate green are the main characteristics of this destination. Offering stunning beauty and very good facilities, the Dodecanese Islands are among the most cosmopolitan holiday spots in the Mediterranean.

The climate around the Dodecanese islands is dry and warm (sometimes very warm) with the average temperatures varying from 18 (64,4F) to 31 (87,8F) degrees Celsius from April to October. During the summer period Meltemi is the prevailing wind blowing from North-West at Force 4-6. On the contrary, in spring and autumn the winds are usually less strong than in the open Aegean Sea blowing from South-East.
Moderate to advanced sailing skills are required to sail the Dodecanese islands.

Lying to the east of the Cyclades islands, off the southwest coast of Turkey, Dodecanese islands offer some of the most interesting sailing itineraries. If you wish to discover something out of the common "twelve islands", Kastelorizo is your place. It is situated at the extreme South-Eastern corner of Greece, at a distance of 72 miles from Rhodes and 1 mile from the Turkish coast. Even though Kastelorizo Island has very few inhabitants (50 inhabited houses), they are all very hospitable and wait on the port to welcome the tourists. It is worth sailing there! Due to the Dodecanese’s proximity to Turkey sailors can sail the Turkish coast as well (after going through the customs procedure).

The history of the Dodecanese islands is very rich and has been much influenced by two different civilizations: in 1522 the islands were occupied by the Turks and in 1912 by the Italians. Thousands of places of interest attract many sightseeing lovers around the year. Archaeological and folk art museums, castles and medieval buildings are only some examples.

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7 days routes

1.Rhodes - Symi 23 NM, Symi - Nisyros 35 NM, Nisyros Kos 21 NM, Kos Tilos 35 NM, Tilos Halki 14 NM, Halki Rhodes 37 NM

2.Κos - Nissiros 23 ΝΜ, Nissiros - Tilos 17 ΝΜ, Tilos - Rodos 45 ΝΜ, Rodos - Symi 22 ΝΜ, Symi - Nissiros 35 ΝΜ, Nissiros - Astipalea 34 ΝΜ, Astipalea - Kos 48 ΝΜ

3.Kos - Pserimos 10 ΝΜ, Pserimos - Kalymnos 13 ΝΜ, Kalymnos - Patmos 38 ΝΜ, Patmos - Samos 35 ΝΜ, Samos - Fournoi - Ikaria 38 ΝΜ, Ikaria - Leros 43 ΝΜ, Leros - Kos 37 ΝΜ

14 days routes

1.Kos - Kalymnos 18 ΝΜ, Kalymnos - Gaidaros 45 ΝΜ, Gaidaros - Samos 27 ΝΜ, Samos - Fournoi 29 ΝΜ, Fournoi - Patmos 21 ΝΜ, Patmos - Leros 20 ΝΜ, Leros - Nisiros 40 ΝΜ, Nisiros - Chalki 38 ΝΜ, Chalki - Lindos 38 ΝΜ, Lindos - Rhodes 22 ΝΜ, Rhodes - Symi 22 ΝΜ, Symi - Tilos 31 ΝΜ, Tilos - Kos 48 ΝΜ


Aegina Elafonissos Epidavros Hydra Kythira Monemvasia Nafplio Poros Porto Heli Spetses

Being very close to Athens, the "Saronic & Argolic gulf & Peloponnese East coast" is among the most popular sailing destinations in Greece. The so-called "Argo-Saronic" sailing area is located south of Athens having a variety of landscapes such as mountainous terrains, barren gulfs and densely wooden areas. It includes picturesque or touristy islands with unspoilt anchorages, extraordinary beaches, fishing villages and distinguishable night life. In fact, this destination covers an extended geographical area from the Saronic gulf to the eastern coast of Peloponnese and from the Argolic gulf to the southern cape of Peloponnese.

The "Saronic & Argolic gulf & Peloponnese East coast" is within two or three hours sail from Alimos marina, giving the advantage to visit as many places/ports as you wish to. Last but not least, there are some other little ports affiliated with this destination such as Monemvasia fortress and Kithira Island. Both located a bit further south, they are clearly set off the beaten track. If you have enough time, it is worth sailing to Monemvasia and Kithira Island and to explore their untouched beauty.

The "Argo-Saronic" sailing area is considered the best destination for those who wish to sail in a very well protected area with calm waters and mild winds. Although the normal wind may depend on your exact position, the average wind force in the summer is 3 to 4, North to North-East and the sea is usually pretty flat. On the contrary, during spring and autumn the winds are usually weaker blowing from South.

Due to the "friendly" weather conditions, Saronic & Argolic routes are advisable for both inexperienced sailors and parties looking for easy-family sailing. In a few words, only a little to some sailing experience is required. Needless to say that numerous places of interest, such as old churches, great ancient monuments, archeological museums and more, can be sighted around the area of the Saronic & Argolic gulf & Peloponnese East coast.

Alimos Marina and Lavrion port in Athens are the recommended bases for your sailing cruise. Athens is connected with direct charter and normal daily flights from many capitals around the world. Alimos Marina is at 50 minutes drive from the Athens international airport and Lavrion port can be accessed within 15-20 minutes by taxi or coach bus.

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7 days routes

1.Alimos Marina - Aegina 20 ΝΜ, Aegina - Hydra 30 ΝΜ, Hydra - Spetses 13 ΝΜ, Spetses - Poros 27 ΝΜ, Poros - Aegina 14 ΝΜ, Aegina - Alimos Marina 20 ΝΜ

2.Alimos Marina - Epidavros 31 NM, Epidavros - Hydra 32 NM, Hydra - Spetses 15 NM, Spetses - Poros 28 NM, Poros - Aegina 13 NM, Aegina - Alimos Marina 20 NM

14 days routes

1.Alimos Marina - Aegina 20 ΝΜ, Aegina - Hydra 30 ΝΜ, Hydra - Porto Heli 18 ΝΜ, Porto Heli - Monemvasia 38 ΝΜ, Monemvasia - Kythira 37 ΝΜ, Kythira - Elafonissos 14 ΝΜ, Elafonissos - Gerakas 33 ΝΜ, Gerakas - Leonidio 24 ΝΜ, Leonidio - Nafplio 26 ΝΜ, Nafplio - Spetses 27 ΝΜ, Spetses - Poros 28 ΝΜ, Poros - Aegina 14 ΝΜ, Aegina - Alimos Marina 20 ΝΜ

2.Alimos Marina - Poros 29 NM, Poros - Hydra 11 NM, Hydra - Spetses 15 NM, Spetses - Nafplio (Peloponese) 23 NM, Nafplio - Astros (Peloponese) 9 NM, Astros - Gerakas (Peloponese) 41 NM, Gerakas - Monemvasia (Peloponese) 8 NM, Monemvasia - Leonidio (Peloponese) 40 NM, Leonidio - Porto Heli (Peloponese) 16 NM, Porto Heli - Ermioni (Peloponese) 27 NM, Ermioni - Epidavros (Peloponese) 22 NM, Epidavros - Aegina 15 NM, Aegina - Alimos Marina 20 NM